Alliance for the Living Tisza


Brief introduction

The Alliance for the Living Tisza (ALT) was founded in 2006. The work of ALT was helped by the UNDP-GEF-MEW funded ‘Tisza Biodiversity Project’ between 2006-2008.

Our goal is to improve the livelihoods of the people living in the Tisza river basin, to increase their flood and environmental safety, and to preserve and increase the ecological values ​​of the Tisza. We want to spread farming models that achieve the sustainable coexistence of man and river.

The main groups of our activities are:

  1. Professional workshop for sustainable landscape management – we organized workshops, conferences, forums, commented on draft legislation.
  2. Scientific work – We have prepared the manuals ‘Land of Calm Waters’ and contributed the ‘Integrated Landscape Development Program’ on the feasibility of floodplain landscape management.
  3. Representation of small producers, local producers interests – we have developed guidelines and legal proposals to better the legal environment for small producers. We helped the start of the KISLÉPTÉK Association, which continued this work from 2014.
  4. Dissemination of information – on the Internet: elotisza.hu, elotiszaert.hu websites and Living Tisza facebook page. We have produced several information and educational publications.
  5. Market building – we have registered the Living Tisza trademark, with which we help small producers along the Tisza to enter the market.

Recent projects (2017-2020)

With the support of NEA, we carried out a project to promote sustainable landscape management, water retention on the Sand Ridge in Hungary. We prepared an information brochure about local opportunities and held a forum in Jászszentlászló.

In cooperation with the Hungarian National Committee for UNESCO, with the support of the NKA, we organized university courses within the framework of the Agenda 2030 Human Ecology Research Workshop.

We conducted research on the Pro Lecsó initiative and presented the results in a workshop.

In co-operation with the Hungarian National Committee for UNESCO, we organized a series of lectures on ‘10 worrying issues ’ on sustainability issues. We organized a conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences entitled ‘The issue of sustainability in higher education’, we edited a conference volume.

Living Tisza branded products are present in several markets in Budapest. Most of these products come from environmentally friendly production.

As a member, we participated (and are participating) in the work of the Central Tisza Region Regional Water Management Council and the Tisza Sub-catchment Water Management Council.

Our current project is ‘Choose the Water’, an information dissemination project to promote water retention based sustainable farming in Hungary.


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You can contact us at elnok@elotisza.hu